Getting to Tanjung Belungkor

If you thinking of making your way from Singapore all the way to TANJUNG BELUNGKOR then you should be knowing about the ferry service available from Singapore to Desaru ferry terminal.

If you happen to not know yet about it, you will be amazed about this new and wonderful option. You might end up making those last minute adjustments before your trip.

TANJUNG-BELUNGKORThe ferry from Singapore to desaru is quite well known among the people of Singapore and is also a choice of preference among most tourists.

To add to it, you have to make things even simpler for you. A booking through this site would not only ensure you a comfortable journey but also at a very affordable price as well. The price range is on the lower side if you compare with the same service provided at other parts of the region. Another advantage of booking through Easybook is that you might end up with a great discount offer if supposedly you have a return journey to make as well.

The company that provides the ferry service in the region is Desaru Fruit Farm Tour & Travel. The company is highly popular for its quality services offered to the passengers. The number of persons allowed to seat on one go is 10. This further ensures the comfort of the people and provides a sense of freedom to roam about and enjoy the beauty of the sea. There are two ferries providing service in this route. The first one is at 10:30 in the morning while the other one is at 6 in the evening.

Desaru in Johor is an important destination for tourists as well as batam ferry tour too. There are many attractions in stored in this region. Other than ferry, you can choose via bus or plane as well. However, the ferry service is going to make things much simpler, mainly because of its reliability, comfortability and cheaper service.

The cost of travel in case of the ferry services are quite cheaper as compared to the other available options. Thanks to Easybook you will have an offers to further minimize the cost in price by booking tickets for return journey as well. The current cost is only SGD 25 for a ferry ride per person. If you book return ticket through, then you can avail further discount as well. It would enable you to save your precious money and use it for future ferry transportation purposes.

Tourists and locals prefer ferry transportation as compared to other means. It’s quite easy and feasible for everyone. The ferry reaches Tanjung Belungkor (Desaru) in Johor on time. The ferry operators quickly transport each passenger on time without any hurdles. The service is really commendable.


The heart of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The area around KLCC has several other important shopping complexes like the Avenue K and many renowned hotels like the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur and the Mandarin Oriental. KLCC was once the hub of commercial, entertainment and business meet. The presence of many important landmarks in the area makes KLCC one of the biggest tourist attractions of Malaysia.

The world famous twin towers are also present within the area. There are several offices present in and around the KLCC. Besides the presence of the tallest twin buildings of the world, the Petronas twin towers there is the Menara Exxon Mobil which is among the world’s most reputed companies. It is a 30 stories building and is rectangular in shape. Also present near to it is the Menara Carigali, which is again made up of 60 stories. The special feature of this tower is that it is connected to the Suria KLCC shopping complex. In 2006, the construction of the tower started and it finally ended in 2012. Among the largest telecommunication companies of Malaysia one name you will surely get to hear is the Maxis Communications. The headquarters of Maxis Communications is Menara Maxis which is also located in the KLCC area.

KLCC is also fondly referred to as ‘A City within a city’. The various forms of recreations, business establishments, culture, shopping and entertainment that forms the liveliness in the region is reason enough why KLCC gets its name. Not only shall you be awed by the various forms of attractions available here but also you shall be overjoyed by the wide range of shopping and dining options to choose from. The nightlife of KLCC is also commendable and holds a special point of interest. You should not worry about how to reach out to this place once you are in Kuala Lumpur. The bus transportation provides a good connectivity to the area with various parts of Kuala Lumpur. There is also train stations present nearby to the area.

Suria KLCC is the commercial heart of KLCC. The big shopping complex occupies its place just below the Petronas twin buildings. There is good connectivity present in the mall also. It is connected to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre via a tunnel which in turn is connected to the shopping district, Bukit Bintang. Buses and rail provides accessibility to the Suria KLCC mall.

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre also forms an important part of the exhibition centre of Kuala Lumpur and is present in the KLCC area. The center is host to several seminars, meetings and exhibitions.

The two most important hotels among several present in the KLCC area are the Mandarin Oriental and the Traders Hotel. The Mandarin Oriental locates itself in between the convention centre and Suria mall whereas the Traders Hotel is directly connected to the convention centre. The only residential project that you will find in this area is named, Binjai on the Park. It is a 42 storied project having direct view of the twin towers.

Explore Spectacular Singapore

Exploring Singapore is one of the most thrilling & spectacular moment for any 
visitors. The endless attractions in Singapore enable tourists to stay for longer 
periods. The visa norms in Singapore are pretty relaxed which makes it much 
easier for tourists to visit it over the year long. Most of the nature loving tourists 
start their journey by visiting Gardens of the Bay which offers exquisite views with 
Supertrees along with wide variety of flora & fauna. The stunning height of these 
‘Supertrees’ reaches as long as 50 meters which amazes everyone. Moreover, 
other attractions like Marine Life Park offers clear view of various marine creatures 
due to its majestic oceanarium. Tourists with their families spend a relaxing 
weekend by bathing at one of the foremost & newest water park in Asia. It involves 
more than 800 marine creatures along with 200 sharks. Though, tourists shouldn’t 
worry about sharks as they are kept in separate enclosure for viewing purposes 
only. Moreover, it attracts visitors due to its superior hydro magnetic coaster ride 
which is available nowhere in South East Asia other than Marine Life Park in 
Singapore. Further, kids prefer to visit tropical gardens along with adventure river 
tours as they thrill them with unique marine creatures. This marine water park has 
always remained favorite destination for its tourists due to its easy convenience 
through train at harbor front as it located in Sentosa, Singapore. You may also visit
KL by taking bus express from Singapore to KL, it is very convenience. 
The ultimate Singapore experience starts with Marina Bay which offers panoramic 
view of the whole city along with its skyscrapers. It displays Singapore’s potential 
to establish its dominance along with Hong Kong, South Korea & Taiwan. Tourists 
flock here to experience the city’s stylish outlets, restaurants, malls, art exhibitions 
& many more. The superior facilities at Marina Bay Sands Hotel situated on Marina 
Bay stupefy everyone with its magnificent architecture inspired from deck of cards. 
The three hotel towers hosts range of mind boggling activities for their guest along 
with the finest comfort with more than 2,500 rooms along with luxuries suites over 
viewing the whole city. The most attractive feature of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel 
is its infinity pool situated in the sky park. Tourists enjoying themselves in the pool 
find it pretty amusing to see the water cascading towards the whole city. This once 
in a lifetime experience is very difficult to explain in mere words. Other than that, it 
also features fabulous casino block with thousands of slot machines along with 
gaming tables. For shoppers, Marina Bay Sands Hotels stands as a delight with 
featured rain oculus above the mall along with more than 300 stores featuring 
Dior, Chopard, Gucci, Saint Laurent Paris etc along with international boutiques 
such as Cartier & Prada, Ralph Lauren etc. It seems all attractions on Marina Bay 
of Singapore are exclusively meant for tourists.